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Bruce N Shibles

Bruce N. Shibles joined AB-CRS’s panel of neutrals after a varied 34+ year legal career that started in Maine as an Asst. Attorney General prosecuting civil child protective and child support cases, among other matters, followed by time as Asst. City Solicitor in Bangor, Maine handling a wide variety of municipal legal issues. Bruce then practiced real estate, land use and environmental litigation, administrative, and municipal law in Connecticut, before moving to Colorado and being admitted to the Colorado Bar in Spring of 2001.

The early part of Bruce’s Colorado legal career was spent litigating adversary proceedings in Bankruptcy Courts throughout the United States. Bruce then settled into a successful insurance defense civil litigation practice in 2004, initially at the panel counsel defense firm of Markusson, Green, and Jarvis, before moving to the branch litigation office of Farmers Insurance Exchange (most recently the Law Office of Robert B. Hunter) before his recent retirement from an active trial and litigation practice.

During his trial practice, Bruce retained and cross-examined expert witnesses in multiple medical specialties, as well as psychology and neuropsychology, engineering, forensic accounting, as well as other expert disciplines. In that role, he has seen how juries react to those experts for both parties.

During his career as a trial attorney, Bruce tried hundreds of bench and jury trials to verdict, as well as participated in multi-party construction defect arbitrations, and argued appellate cases in both Maine and Colorado, which involved varied legal issues, disputes, areas of law, and facts. These cases always resulted in outcomes that one or more of the parties had not hoped to achieve. It is this last point that leads Bruce to the next step in his legal career.

Bruce has mediated hundreds of disputes over the years to resolution. He knows that resolving litigation disputes is ultimately in the best interest of all parties. He has extensive experience developing and analyzing a case’s value, working with adjustors and litigants in a case, and, where necessary, pointing out where value may need to be adjusted; ultimately resulting in resolution of a case to the benefit of his client. Bruce also believes that focused binding arbitration in certain matters can result in more efficient resolution of disputes than may be possible in the civil trial litigation arena.

Bruce firmly believes that a mediator neutral must be willing to carefully and thoroughly review all sides of a dispute, delve into the legal issues as necessary, point out the strong and weak points of each side’s case, definitely not just be a person taking $ numbers back and forth between rooms, and perhaps, most importantly, listen carefully and sincerely while the parties explain their positions. It is through this process that mediation can proceed to a resolution with both sides reaching an outcome that results in finality, even if not exactly what they had hoped to accomplish in the litigation, and an end to the uncertainty, risk, and continued expense of taking the matter to trial. Bruce has the experience, expertise, patience, understanding, knowledge, and negotiating talents to assist you and your clients in resolving your disputes.


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Tyler Meade

Presidio ADR™ mediates complex cases nationwide. Presidio ADR was founded by Tyler Meade whose litigation career has spanned three decades of diverse experience. Since his time as a prosecutor, Mr. Meade has consistently worked on both sides of the “v,” with clients ranging from regular people to high-net-worth individuals, from small and medium-sized businesses to a New York family office, one of the largest medical groups in the nation, a crypto exchange, and a publicly traded communications company.


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Samuel Martin Ventola

I have a wide variety of experience in litigation, legal education, and mediation. I have been an attorney on both sides in business litigation, employment disputes, probate litigation, and personal injury cases. In addition to being an attorney, I have been a mediator, hearing officer, labor relations professor, and lecturer on litigation, employment, and First Amendment issues. I completed the CBA – CLE 40 Hour Mediation Training and I am an arbitrator and mediator for the Denver Better Business Bureau.

To reduce time and stress, my firm offers online scheduling for dispute resolutions:


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